Born to be free, born to be natural.

Dear God,

We are born to be free and natural, I believe. That means that we don’t need to be taught by someone how to move our bodies. Our motor learning program is originally installed in our DNA, which teaches us how to move naturally. During baby days, they cry, rotate, crawl, do quadruped walking, etc.. It seems that we remember the days in which we used to be animals, if evolution theory is correct. In baby’s rotation, they imitate the motions of fish and snakes, which move their bodies almost only by spine. We are vertebrae animals, and the basis of our motions are generated from vertebrae. Not only our motion, but also our postures are owing to stability and flexibility of vertebrae. So, without enough rotating in baby days, their motor functions as vertebrae animals grow poorly. The functions  of vertebrae determines our abilities of motions. We need to redo the babies motions. It is not too late to redo those motions. If you retrieve natural motions of vertebrae, your neck pain and back pain disappear. Let’s do rotation exercise.

movie of rotation



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