About this site

Naturalization is the most primitive exercise method which is incorporated in human`s DNA, and those have been developed and innovated by Jun Matsumoto so that modern generations can retrieve natural and free physical motions.

Like wild animals, originally humans can move, run, and even dance naturally without any pain.

Unfortunately we are not wild animal in modern times.

But, there is a hope, and that is Naturalization.

We can retrieve our original bodies and motions by doing Naturalization.

I ask you a question.

“Have you spent enough time in doing the primitive exercises, such as crawling during 0 year age?”

If we have not done those exercises enough, our bodies can not grow healthily and naturally.

Lack of baby exercises bring about undesirable growth to us, such as malalignments, unnatural motions, etc..

Loss of beautiful postures and physical pain…

Naturalization will solve such problems of us.

I have been teaching Naturalization to many suffers, and they have changed favorably a lot.

Do we try baby exercises again?

Yes, “AGAIN” is most important.

By doing again the baby exercises you have not completed, the chains which have tied your body long time will be released.

 You will take back a wild and natural body.