Power of Hands.

For what do you use your hands? Many people may say, “To catch something, to move something, or to touch something.” Those are not wrong answers. Our civilizations might have been made by our hands, because those motions are so precise and delicate, which differ so much from animals’ hands. Our dexterous hands have been … More Power of Hands.

Power of Crawling

Dear God, What comes after scapulae as engine is the power of crawling. Why do we need crawling? Because that let us learn how to support upper body weight by pelvis.  Pelvis functions as weight-bearing system. That means our bodies can’t resist against gravity if we had not crawled enough in baby-days. The power of … More Power of Crawling

Scapulae as engine.

Dear God, What decides the level and quality of our motion? Muscles, power, or flexibility? My answer is the Scapulae as engine. Our motions are initiated by scapulae, which spark kinetic chains toward spine and distal extremities. However, scapulae do not work as engine until those are peeled off from thorax. Scapulae are like wings, … More Scapulae as engine.